Copying the look: Rihanna’s eccentricy femininity

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I simply had to drop her name in this space, sooner or later, indeed because I really couldn’t help but saying something about this young icon of the music world on a planetary level. And this is not due to her beautiful voice, of which we won’t speak about today, Rihanna is also an icon in style and trends.

Eccentric, unpredictable, chameleon-like, eclectic, the fitting adjectives for describing her are many, because Riri is everything and the contrary of everything, because she’s tough, she’s always got something to scream about to the world, and she always does it in her own way.

I think it’s clear, by now, that I’m a Rihanna fan. She’s a woman that I really admire, I like her charisma and her knowing when to be feminine at the right time. I mostly like her tastes as far as fashion is concerned, and this eccentricity she has in everything she does.

A lot of time went by since a very young Riri was discovered and launched on the music scene.

For all these years we have appreciated her ever changing talents, mainly for her hairstyle, but also in terms of looks.

Her style has always been flamboyant, sometimes debatable, but never trivial. We have to recognize that Rihanna, over the years, has proven to be more and more aware of her femininity, even daring to wear dresses and accessories she would have never worn before.

As usual, I have chosen 3 looks of her that I particularly liked, and I revisited them a bit.

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Blue and white. Two colors that are very sailor-like, that, in this case, she’s worn with absolute mastery.

A simple dark blue coat, paired with a sandal featuring a white ankle hook. Simple, indeed, and, as always, simplicity pays off!

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I chose this look because I love the pairing of red to black, and most of all the mix of styles created by matching a casual coat to an elegant dress. The look in and by itself is really minimal, and the stringed sandal is perfect as an trend for trend ornella nelly-theladybugsbeauty-copia il look-rihanna


As you probably deduced, this is actually the Rihanna I like, simple, casual, and not really over the top.

So, in order to validated this idea of mine, I decided to choose this look, which I would consider a classic: soft shirt with vertical black and white stripes. skinny jeans and the usual stringed sandal that our beloved Riri seems to particularly adore.

What about the touch of color? Rihanna’s lipstick, the  immortal Ruby Woo from Mac Cosmetics! firma post


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