High waist: 15 outfit ideas to wear it effectively

Let’s talk about the much beloved, admired and appreciated high waist trend. We often like it, but only on other women, as we are not brave enough to wear it ourselves.

Who has never, in a moment of own brave personal confidence, bought at least one such cloth, only to oftentimes present it to her closet?

As far as I’m concerned, I gotta say: I DID!

Because, especially for trousers, oftentimes it’s difficult to feel comfortable, once we’re brave enough to wear them.

But, can we all wear high waist?

The answer, predictably, is NO.

One perk among the many is crucial: It’s necessary to have a fairly thin waist, otherwise the result will not be pleasing at all, besides, there’s the risk of looking very ungraceful, well, a recipe for disaster!

Among the many, women with an hourglass-shaped body are the best candidates for this particular look, especially for high waist trousers. But not all hope is lost, an A-cut blouse, or a balloon shaped one, or a palace trouser which doesn’t cut the sides too much: they can also be worn by those who are less thin, maybe paying more attention to proportions.

Some examples?

The beautiful women in these photos have interpreted the high waist style in their own way, playing with the softness of the tissues and the shapes and geometries of the clothes. Success!

But, how should we carry and optimally pair high waist clothes?

I’ll answer this question with 15 outfit ideas which I think are perfect and should be copied by all means!

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