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GoCustomized Custom Covers: Create something unique with one simple gesture

Nowadays, the idea of customizing everything has become an all-out mania.
Maybe because we love the idea of putting our personal spin on something, especially on those objects which are part of our daily life.

It’s nice to feel like owning something which is only ours, and most importantly, which we ourselves created.


I recently found out about the GoCustomized company, a website dealing all things custom-related for telephones and tablets.

And since of all the many items I customized over my life my phone cover was still unharmed, I decided to try it!


Once you enter their site, THIS is the link, you only have to choose the phone model you own (as an iPhone 6 owner, I obviously browsed all of the custom covers for the iPhone 6, you can find them all HERE) and choose what kind of cover you like the most! For example, I chose mine in cork.

Once you have made your choice, an editor will open up where you’ll be able to choose how to decorate your custom cover.

And this is where the fun begins!

GoCustomized is going to help you with some graphics and layouts ready to use, which you’ll be able to allocate on the virtual cover in order to see how it looks immediately, otherwise you may add some text. But if, like me, you’d like to do everything by yourself, you may upload a file of yours, may it be a picture, a photo or rather a text file.

For example, I created my text on the computer with a simple software, with a sentence which for me is some kind of daily motivation, and that I really feel mine.



After all, “customizing” is just putting a part of ourselves in everything surrounding us!

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