Gigi Hadid: The model of the time dictating street style rules

Today it’s the inaugural edition of the new COPYING THE LOOK space with the beautiful Gigi Hadid, the one who’s been deemed by all parts the top-model of the current time.

She’s pretty, very much, but besides dictating fashion rules on the world’s most famous catwalks, Gigi is also a true Influencer in terms of style.

Let’s say that the girl really knows what she’s doing when she creates her looks, and the photos taken during her everyday life are the perfect example of this!



I love the style with which she wears a simple striped crop top by pairing it with a mom jeans, embellishing the look with a properly waist-tied jeans shirt and the FENTY X PUMA Fur Slippers. Obviously, since our current weather doesn’t allow to walk around in “slippers”, a great alternative could be that of pairing this look with a pair of slip-ons.

Gigi Hadid is very young, but she knows how to wear like a real woman even the most feminine looks, with an elegance that only a few 21 years old girls have.

The idea of high-waist trousers with belt on waist and short sweater is really chic! And in this case, the low string is perfect for an everyday look.


bg-5This is definitely one of my favorite looks, black on black, with boot and leather jacket, super skinny white trousers and matched color tank top and accessories. Only colored note, the blue glasses.

What can we say? She’s perfect!

What do you think about Gigi Hadid’s style, do you like it?
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