Sun, sand between my fingers and sea: Bye summer, I will defintely miss you


When I think about summer, I identify it with the sea, and everything revolving around it.

I love the sea, the sand and the noise of the waves. I feel that the sea really reflects my desire to feel free. And summer is all about this: Infinite, free, exciting, thrilling and eternal. Well, that’s what it is for me.

How many times do we find ourselves dreaming, and desiring for a summer to never end?

I decided to enjoy, for one last time, my dose of positive vibes that only the sea can give me, and to lose myself in the wonderful reflection of the sky on the water, to look at myself in its never ending mirror, and maybe introspect about my own summer.

I spent a relaxing summer, with my family. I enjoyed everything it had to offer me. I sometimes felt emotions that can’t be explained. Sometimes I’d like to wake up, and find out that a new summer season is beginning, but then I realize that promptly and abruptly fall has begun, taking away all of those emotions that only a summer day can give you in one, fell, swoop.

And I have to admit it really makes me sad!

So when I had the occasion to take some photos on the beach, I was really excited about it. I took out of my closet a dress that I purchased some time ago from a shop nearby, and here we go!


What about your summer, instead?

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“There’s only one season: summer. So beautiful that the others revolve around it. Autumn remembers it, Winter invokes it, Spring envies it and poorly tries to ruin it.”


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Ph. Alvise Busetto

Diary of an atypical blogger: 10 good reasons to reenter some color into your life

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To go through a more or less dark period of one’s life, I believe it happens to everyone. It’s knowing how to come out of it, and the awareness of having left it behind that makes the difference. Today I’d like to tell you about my situation, and about how I was able to insert some color into my own life.


I have to premise that I’m certainly not a psychologist or an inter-personal communication expert, and the fact that I have a blog won’t certainly turn me into either one. But I’m a woman, a mother, a girl like many others, with all of her problems and obstacles that one often happens to face in her own life.

I’m telling you this because I want it to be perfectly clear, that when I speak about certain things that go beyond the world of fashion and beauty, I do it by starting from my own personal experiences, just like I would with a friend of mine.

As I was mentioning, in my own life, I also had a dark, grey period, in which I thought I lost my path, and of which I couldn’t see a way out of. But now, after only a few years, I find myself having what I would have never dreamed of, let alone believed in!

How did I do it?

I learned, at my expense, what are the good reasons to be happy, and what really matters in life. The path has been long, and it’s a work in progress, but just being able to say out loud that yes, I’M HAPPY, repays me of all the effort

What did I learn from all of this self-improving work? Many things, among which there are 10 good reasons (crucial!) to put some color into your life.

  1.  Loved: how many times do they repeat this to us? Not enough, I believe. Learning to love ourselves is a full time job, no vacation or pauses are allowed. You’ll have to do it for your whole life.
  2.  Passion: Discover the pleasure of being passionate about something, take care of this interest, develop it, believe in it, have it grow.
  3.  Laugh: Learn to really laugh at life, at a joke, to frivolous things. No matter what, always wear your best accessory, your beautiful smile. How many times did I waste this occasion!
  4.  Love: overbearingly, infinitely, love so much it makes you sick, have love completely drain you. Find the person for which it’s worth to have your heart beating, and don’t be afraid of showing him the love you’re capable of. In my case, for example, that person gave much so much more than what he thinks, or what I ever told him.
  5.  Believe in what you do: It’s not enough to love yourself and having a passion, if you don’t truly believe in what you’re doing and in your possibilities. You have to believe in this with all of yourself, never caring about what others think, don’t think about it going south, you’ll never be able to regret something if you do it with your instinct.
  6.  Look beyond: We have to learn how to stop looking in the rear view mirror and regretting something which already happened. Looking at the past will always keep you stuck in it, instead you have to look farther, your destiny is now, it’s tomorrow. You are the one writing it. It seems like the usual recycled sentence, but heck, there’s no other truth that stings more than this one!
  7.  Don’t get caged by other people’s thoughts: Having the constant fear of what others think about you is, in and of itself, a true prison. Learn to not give a damn about it. If I think about how many years I’ve thrown away trying to please others, forgetting about myself…
  8.  Travel: When you get the opportunity and the possibility to, try to travel, to see new places, to be in contact with different mentalities. There’s no need to go very far, in order to bring home with you a new wagon of wealth and new life experiences.
  9.  Take care of yourself: Stop complaining about your body, stop saying you don’t like yourself. Workout, eat healthy. Leave excuses to others. Those who follow me know that I don’t speak only for the sake of doing it, I’d like to get to the point where I’ll feel once again 100% comfortable in my own body. 
  10. Surround yourself with positive people: Only positive vibes, they say, and it’s true! Introverted people have a tendency to infect you with their own negativity, they cut your wings because, in your being happy, they see a threat to what they represent. And for too long I’ve been like this, closed, introverted, and my life resembled my way of being and what revolved around me.

These are the first 10 reasons, but there could be many other reasons and stimuli for being happy. In the end, life is a rainbow of many different shades, and even when it seems gray, there’s always some color in the horizon.

A kiss.

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Ph. Alvise Busetto

Dress: Zara

Sandal: She Inside