Sex and the city: A tulle blouse, and you’ll suddenly feel like Carry Bradshow

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Who among us women has never seen her once?

Unless you’re very young, as soon as we hear the name of this fortunate series, we all know what it’s all about.

Sex and the city is a tv show which aired in between the nineties and the two-thousands, and it narrates about the adventures of women, 4 friends like many others.
This was the great thing of this show, their being so real. Not to mention the beautiful scenario of New York City, since not all of us are lucky enough to have it as our city of residence (is it really such luck to live there?!)

The main characters of the series were just like all of us, or better, like many of us. CARRY, MIRANDA, SAMANTHA and CHARLOTTE, all four of them so different yet so similar at the same time, and so complementary between them.

How many times did we end up identifying ourselves in them?

A lot, indeed! In their usual deeds, in their friendship, in their conquers and their defeats, but most of all, in their weaknesses: We IDENTIFIED ourselves in them, all of us.

We have felt joy, we have laughed and we have cheered for them, but most importantly, we have envied their wardrobes!

Yes, because there are many details which brought Sex and the City to planetary success, but we have to stress that the dresses worn by the four main characters, and mostly by Carry Bradshow, played a crucial role!


Many things, but the one that counts the most for me, is the fact that for the first time they created a series aimed to women, yet without the usual excess of chatter or futile words. Legit, frank, and most importantly, without taboos.

For the first time, women were not only the prey, the weakest sex, but we also observed a woman which was certain and proud of herself, mostly strong in her weaknesses and her feelings. And we, as women, all thanked en-masse for this!

Sex and the city may just be a TV, which has ended for many years now among other things, but I still love it dearly, and I’m not the only one. Over the years the repeatedly tried to duplicate such success, but everything that came after hasn’t yet proved worthy of what this TV show represented, but most importantly, what it gave us.ù

Each and every one of us would love to be Carry Bradshow, walking around with fluttering dresses and a pair of Manolo Blanhik on our feet. Mostly, each and every one of us would love to have her Big in her life.

And I would love it too. Starting from the premise that I already have my Big (maybe less unpredictable and with a little bit more belly fat!) and that I love him to death, will you still allow me to play around and wear my tulle blouse bought in a clothing shop like many others, along with my ever-comfortable Zara sandals?

It’s just another pretty negress needing very little to be happy asking this.

In the end, it’s useless to always spend tons of money in order to feel comfortable with what we wear, and to just dream a bit.

Have a nice Monday, my pretty Carries❤️

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Ph. Alvise Busetto

Sweater: BERSHKA

Sandal: ZARA