Outfit of the week: How to pair Bordeaux to black

PAIRING BORDEAUX oodmorning people! It is now established that Tuesdays shall host my outfit posts, and also my style advice! So we will also discuss about how to match the colors to the many looks. Bordeaux Red is a much beloved color, thoroughly employed in clothing, as well as all of its derivations (see Burgundy, […]


Street Style: In love with the ocra yellow color

PAIRING OCRA YELLOW oodmorning peeps! I often feel the need of talking colors for clothes and accessories in my posts, I love to analyze them and to give you some useful advice on how to effectively pair them. I don’t know if I’m always succeeding in my plans, but I gotta say that I like […]


Fashion Alert: Metal is the new black?

2016 TREND: ONLY ONE WORD, METAL! o this 2016 is also coming to an end, therefore the time has come to analyze which were the main trends of this year, the ones we will drag over in 2017! The metal one was a true crack! It started over the first few months of this year, […]

Outfits: Shades of Gray an Black and the pleated blouse that I love

MONDAY?? OUTFIT POST! oodmorning gals! Yesterday you numerously followed my post on the #lipstickoftheweek, and for this I thank you! In the end, my only ambition is to create something which people can appreciate and most of all make a reason for living out of my passions, and thanks to you all who follow me, […]


Culotte Trousers: A certainty also for 2017

ONE PAIR OF CULOTTE TROUSERS, MANY STYLES legant, romantic, casual, sporty, and so much more! There’s a whole lot of styles which pair well with culotte trouser, and the fact and the matter is always the same: we, the women, love them to death! The trend of culotte trousers began last year, and at the […]

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GoCustomized Custom Covers: Create something unique with one simple gesture

Nowadays, the idea of customizing everything has become an all-out mania. Maybe because we love the idea of putting our personal spin on something, especially on those objects which are part of our daily life. It’s nice to feel like owning something which is only ours, and most importantly, which we ourselves created. GOCUSTOMIZED CUSTOM […]


Pairing the green color: Am I the only one obsessed with it?

GREEN, GREEN, AND THEN EVEN MORE GREEN ope green, they said. A lot has been said about this color over the years, it’s been paired with feelings, lifestyles and life philosophies. You’d say it’s just another color, but for me it’s something more, that’s why I believe it’s important to know how to match the […]

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Desigual Winter 2016 women’s coats: Desigual takes charge of lighting colors up

I WANT A COLORFUL WINTER hich is the first thing we notice when we think about winter? Really, there’s more than just one thing, like maybe when we think about the cold, to the grey-shade of the days, but mostly we end up thinking about the last summer we had, about its vivid colors and […]


Talking about purses: How to match your purse to your outfit

THE PURSE NEEDS TO BE ON PAR WITH THE LOOK ou may be dressed impeccably, you may have an almost perfect look, but if you don’t pair it with the right purse, the final result will always be subpar. I have many purses, of almost all colors and styles, a pair of them are expensive, […]

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Gamiss total look: Who makes the rules for Street Style?

ecently I visited my favorite site Gamiss. Do you remember? I told you something about it in THIS post, it’s an incredibly well supplied online store in which you can purchase trendy clothes and items at attractive prices. And I, as a lover of fine clothing, but also as one who pays attention to the […]

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Autumn 2016 Outfit: How to pair white and burgundy

f I think about the initial objective I had when I chose to open a blog, I realize that sometimes I tend to forget about it. The first reason I had for beginning this journey, is the fact that reading for me is a very therapeutic way of transforming my emotions in something tangible, and […]


Sex and the city: A tulle blouse, and you’ll suddenly feel like Carry Bradshow

Who among us women has never seen her once? nless you’re very young, as soon as we hear the name of this fortunate series, we all know what it’s all about. Sex and the city is a tv show which aired in between the nineties and the two-thousands, and it narrates about the adventures of […]

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The Ladybug’s Beauty Blog: Could dreams have birthdays?

ne year. One year already went by since, on a casual afternoon, me and two friends were having a little chatter, at the birthday party of one of my son’s little companions. I had just started some kind of blog, which I was the sole visitor of, with the purpose of making it my venting […]