Bikini Body Challenge: 7th Week (Definitely to be repeated!)


Good morning girls!

Lets talk about this week and why i didn’t do my training!


Remember those time when you have the courage of affirming something out loud, maybe convinced, but you’re patented nerds and karma, all of a sudden, remembers you?

Well, that’s what happened!

Around ten days ago, I found myself talking with my friend Sara about her throat plaques problem. I tried to console her, even though I didn’t even know how much they hurt since I don’t even remember when I last had them.

That’s it, maybe you’d say, but no! Because this was something I should have said quietly, or maybe just thought about. Fact is that this week I finally found out how bad they hurt.

Why don’t I just shut up every once in a while???!!!

All of this is obviously just for the sake of sayin’ that this post effectively talks about my seventh week of Bikini Body Challenge, but also to say that I failed to carry it out, due to illness (because calling it BAD FREAKING LUCK sounded horrible!)

I only trained on Monday and Tuesday, but the weight stayed unchanged, and I’d say that this is a great thing! It means that my body is getting used to burn fat faster, and that my metabolism is slowly getting itself started!

So therefore, since I really believe in the Bikini Body Challenge, so much so that I’m personally exposing myself for it, and since I already feel much better today.

Let’s pospone this week number 7 until next Saturday, because I think it’s right to do it as it needs to be done!

I hope you don’t feel disappointed, but I really want to follow this guide as it needs to be followed!

I send y’all a kiss, talk to you on Monday.

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If you still don’t know what is the Bikini Body Challenge, HERE you’ll find my post with all the explanations, and for those of you who follow me I’d like to remember you that it’s still possible to receive for free the food guide by buying the 12 weeks program with the code —–>THELADYBUGSBEAUTY <—– in the BBC ITALY site.



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