Bikini Body Challenge: 5th Week of Training

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At the conclusion of my 5th Week of working out with the Bikini Body Challenge, I find myself drawing conclusions. First of all I decided to modify the post’s structure, and the useless day-to-day list of exercises I performed. I decided to not bore you anymore, and most importantly, to not be repetitive.

I’m following the BBG (bikini body guide) guide with great devotion, I’m really believing in this, and I’d like it to be the same for you!

I’d simply like to use this Saturdays space, yes for talking and listing out my progress, but also to tell you about my states of mind and about what I felt in said week.

I’m talking to us women, mostly girls, moms, wives, as we’re always busy no matter what! Some more, some less. The Bikini Body Challenge guide requires minimal effort; only 30 minutes a day are needed to workout, but sometimes it seems like we don’t even have 5 spare minutes!!!

As you know, I’m a mother, I have a full time job and 2 kids to take care of (not to mention the house and everything that comes with it). As you’ve seen there are days in which I find myself forced to skip the workout, only to recover the day after.

So, from now on, I’ll also tell you about what I’m doing with our Bikini Body Challenge training guide, but most importantly about how, in my week, I found out that the thing that matters the most is:


In the end it’s all about this, if you want to achieve some results, if you believe in what you’re doing, you have to stay motivated. Else, you’ll start something and you’ll never finish it, it’s important to have some objectives.

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My initial objective was to lose 5.2 kg, and now I find myself, after 5 weeks, having lost 3.1!!! According to someone, my body was already fine like this, but we are the only ones knowing when we really feel comfortable with ourselves and when we don’t.

I’d like to tone as much as possible, my skin is no longer what it used to be, especially after two pregnancies. And after more than one month of training, the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) is allowing me to obtain my first results!

So stop to day-to-day lists, every Saturday it will just be me, my progresses and the highest or lowest difficulties that I had to face in this journey. Then photos, videos and explanations, because if I succeed into motivating even just one of you to get a body that can make her feel comfortable, it will already be a great victory for me.



WEIGHT AT 5th WEEK : 58,1 kg


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bikini body challenge - guida allenamento - dimagrire - tonificare


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